Describing Something - Sample Dialogue

Describing Something-Dialogue

I. Describing an Experience

  1. Hello, Ajit. Congratulations! I learn that you’ve got a job with the ITDC.
  1. Yes. Thank you, Paul. What I like about it is that I’ve been posted to Kovalam.
  1. Kovalam? That’s in Kerala, isn’t it? Have you ever been there before?
  1. Of course. Lots of times. You know I had studied at Trivandrum for a year. Then we used to go to kovalam for swimming almost every week.

A. Is Kovalam near Trivandrum?

  1. Very near. Just about eight kilometers or so.
  1. Tell me about the place.
  1. It’s a beautiful place with rocks jutting out into the sea. The sea is shallow and calm for quite some distance. So we can swim safely. But once I had a real frightening experience.
  1. What happened?
  1. I had gone there with a friend. But I swam into the sea alone. In fact, I went far out into the sea. I stopped only when I was breathless. Then I stopped and looked around. I could not see where the land was.
  1. But why? Oh, yes, since you swim without your glasses, you’ll be shortsighted.
  1. Exactly. I was exhausted and worried. I floated on the water for quite some time. I thought I was going to be lost in the sea.
  1. That must’ve been frightening.
  1. Really.
  1. Then what happened?
  1. Then I noticed some movement on one side. I swam in that direction and soon saw land.
  1. You could’ve looked at the sun to know the direction.
  1. No, it was cloudy day.
  1. Where was your friend all this while?
  1. He’d just started worrying about me when I swam back.

II. Describing a person

Job: john, I’m worried about this Bombay trip. I’ve never been there before.

John: So what? There is a first time for everything.

Job: I know, but I’m going there alone.

John: Don’t worry, man. I’ve written to Bobby. He’ll meet you at the station.

Job: How does he dress?

John: Well, trousers and full-sleeved shirt. He wears glasses and always chooses odd-shaped frames for his glasses.

Job: Is he fair or dark?

John: Well, rather fair, I should say. I’ve also given him a description of yours. It shouldn’t be difficult for you to meet each other. By the way, don’t shave off your beard. Bobby’ll be looking for a bearded person.

Job: I won’t. At least not until I meet Bobby.

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